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Tito Soto

Brother Information:
Name: Tito Soto
Pledge Semester: SP02
Line: Gamma
Line Number: 1
Big Brother: Didier "D" Dorelien
Date of Birth: January 5th, 1979
Nationality: Colombian
Hometown: Queens, New York
Major / Minor: Business Administration
Clubs and Organizations:

S.A.L.S.A President 01-03
Beta Gamma Chapter President: 02-03
Florida Sector 2 Vice President (FLS2): 03-05 / 07-Present
Honorary Founding Brother Barry University Colony- Fall 2005
Beta Gamma Chapter Induction Officer: Fall 2005 and Spring 2007
Beta Gamma Chapter Asst. Induction Officer Fall 2002 / Spring 2004
Beta Gamma Chapter Advisor 03-05
Beta Xi Chapter Asst. Induction Officer: Spring 2004
Broward County Latin Chamber of Commerce Member

High School: Chaminade Madonna High School
Interests: Soccer, music, writing
Favorite Quote:

"Sincere forgiveness isn't colored with expectations that the other person apologize or change. Don't worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them. Life feeds back truth to people in its own way and time"

“Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

"Do not pray for a path less difficult, but pray for a path more challenging. Only then will you not pray to find a partner to love you, but pray to find someone worthy of your love"


            I was born on January 5th, 1979 in Booth Memorial Hospital in Flushing, Queens, New York to my mother Martha Guerrero may she rest in peace I love you mami, and my father Tito Jose Soto who lives in Bogota, Colombia. I am very proud to be latino and my roots. Soy un BARRANQUILLERO que baila AREBATAO.  I lived in New York until I reached the age of fifteen, then we moved to Hollywood Florida, and I have been here ever since. Eventhough I miss NY alot I have found FL to be my second home. My parents seperated at the age of 9, I am proud to say that I had a wonderful woman in my life which I consider to be my hero. She is now my angel in heaven looking over me everyday. I wouldnt be the man I am today if it was not her for her.

           I became interested in Lambda Theta Phi my fourth semester at FIU. Which FL used to be one full sector. Not two, yea brothers remember that! This was in the Fall of 1998.  Unfortunatly, I did not have the time to pledge since my work schedule and family priorites took alot of my plate as well as a new position at FIU which I was offered. I have always been involved on campus such as SGA PR representative, Freshman Senator and many other postions on campus at FIU. Greatfully I was blessed and I was offered a full-time position at FIU which allowed me to get my Cert. in Higher Educational Advising in the Fall of 2000. In the Spring of 2001, I started classes at Nova Southeastern University and worked in NSU as an administrator for the university. I have worked and at NSU and currently still employeed at NSU as the Recruitment Officer for the College of Osteopathic and Dental Medicine.

            I pledged for Lambda Theta Phi with Beta Xi chapter; Florida Atlantic University in the Spring of 2002. I am proud to say that I am Beta Gamma's "FIRST" ACE; and only one representing NSU. It was a difficult road but I would do it again in a heart beat. My line's name was the "Archangels of the REALM" I was known in my chapter as "EL GUERRERO". I am proud of my chapter, and proud of how it has grown within the past couple of years. Love you all brothers!

I can write forever on how I feel regarding my chapter as well as the organization. If I were to describe this organization in 5 words they would be Brotherhood, Unity, Fuerza, Respect and Chivalry.

I am "A Lambda Till the Day I Die!"

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