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Andrew Ibrahim Andres Ortiz

Brother Information:
Name: Andrew Ibrahim
Pledge Semester: FA05
Line: Heta
Line Number: 1
Big Brother: Fahad Islam
Date of Birth: March 14th, 1987
Nationality: Egyption
Hometown: New York
Major / Minor: Finance / Leadership
Clubs and Organizations: NSUSGA President, Resident Advisor, VP of Lambda Theta Phi, Orientation Leader
High School: Arlington High School, LaGrange, NY
Interests: Being with my brothers, basketball, football, and watching movies
Favorite Quote: "En La Union Esta La Fuerza"

          I am the first of my family to be born here in the U.S. I was born in St. Francis Hospital in New York, to Ramses and Emi Ibrahim. For the first 4 years of my life, I lived in Newburgh, New York, until my sister Ann Marie was born. My father left IBM the year they downsized in 1991, and came down to Atlantic City, New Jersey. For 7 years, I lived in South Jersey, surrounded by family, and a church full of kids my age. My whole life, I’ve been blessed to be around my family. The benefit of being Egyptian is that you have a big family, and I saw them all the time. I came back to New York in 1997, and had to start over. New friends, new everything, and it was ok, I was ready for another change. High school turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life, because of how much I grew up. I graduated high school this past year with academic honors, a member of National Honor Society, a captain of my high school swim team, a member of student government, and a member of my high school’s first student athletic council. I was accepted into Nova Southeastern University with 33 credits as finance major, and a dual admission student for the law school. I am a member of the Honors Program here, as well as NSUSGA, and I currently attend church weekly, and am an active member there.

          My life to this point has been a good mix, a lot of good, and enough bad to make me appreciate the good. This phase of my life that I am currently at will definitely shape me into the person I will be in 6 years. I look forward to the opportunity to show the world what I am capable of doing, and I know that God will be there watching me the whole time, guiding me as He has all my life.

Brother Information:
Name: Andres Ortiz
Pledge Semester: FA05
Line: Heta
Line Number: 2
Big Brother: Jeremy Fernandes
Date of Birth: July 22, 1985
Nationality: Colombian
Hometown: Cali, Colombia / Plantation, Fl
Major / Minor: Business Administration
Clubs and Organizations: Lambda Theta Phi, Diversity Ambassadors
High School: Stranahan High School
Interests: Soccer and outdoor activities, drawing, movies, exercise
Favorite Quote: "Silence is Golden"


          My name is Andres Felipe Ortiz.  I’m twenty years old.  I was born in Cali, Colombia on July 22, 1985.  I’m a Cancer.  My favorite sport is soccer.  I played since I was seven all the way up until I was thirteen.  My favorite hobby is drawing which I have a collection of since I was seven.  I like going to the movies, bowling, or playing outside sports.  I just like to have a fun time, no matter what I do.  My favorite color is blue.

          I have a sister named Jennifer Ortiz; born three years after me (December 18, 1988).  My father’s name is Jorge Ortiz, and my mother’s name is Carmen Ortiz.  I came to the U.S. when I was two.  I first moved to Chicago with my mother.  My father moved a month later.  I lived there for about one year, and then came down to Florida with my parents.  The first city we lived in was in Hialeah where we stayed with one of my uncles (my mom’s brother).  Here my sister was born.  We lived there for eight months then moved north to Davie.

          We bought an apartment in Davie, where we lived for about seven years.  I went to Davie Elementary until the end of second grade.  We then moved to Plantation.  I went to Tropical Elementary for the third grade, and then went to Plantation Park Elementary for the fourth and fifth grade.  For my three years of middle school I went to Seminole Middle.  Since my academic career went well in middle school- I got honor rolls and awards, - I was invited to go to the Medical Magnet Program at Stranahan High School.  I decided to go, and it was a great success.  My academic career in high school couldn’t have been better.  My average grade was an ‘A’, and I graduated honors, and in the top ten percent of my class.  Not only was it a success because I did well, but also because the program helped me to choose the career I want as an Orthodontist.

          This is what led me to NSU. There were many colleges I applied to- FSU, UCF, FAU, FIU- all of which I got accepted to.  At first I wanted to go away to college because I would be on my own, and I would be able to really get the whole college experience.  However, my parents and I decided that it would be difficult financially, especially since I didn’t receive any financial aid except for Bright Futures.  Nova, on the other hand, was fifteen minutes away.  Not only that, I got a NSU award for $4500, which helped a lot because combined with Bright Futures, a loan, and two other grants I was awarded, my first year tuition was nearly fully paid.  Even though these two factors helped my decision significantly, the main reason I choose Nova is because it’s is a school of medicine, which offered my career goal in dentistry.  I never really planned on doing any extracurricular activities because I wasn’t that outgoing in high school. I just kept to myself most of the time in high school and that was my way of thinking when I got to college. However, due to certain people I met beginning college I decided to check out some clubs and organizations just to see what would catch my interest. I came across Lambda Theta Phi, and of course the first thing that attracted me was that it was a Latin fraternity. I never really looked into fraternities as something I would be a part of, but I figured since I was Latin I would find out more about it. I got good information about the organization and what it offered which was very appealing to me, but the most important thing was the brotherhood. I saw how the brothers would act around each other, and support each other, and that was very appealing to me because that could be something that I could have. However, since I was scared of trying new things because that was the kind of person I was, I never followed up with keeping in touch with the brothers. It was until the beginning of my second year that I decided to actually go through until the end. I decided to finally do because I saw through out my first year of college I was doing the same thing I did in high school, which was nothing. All I focused on was school and work, which is good, but I never talked to anyone at school or socialized which was boring. I wanted to change that and I know that the fraternity would help me. So I finally was able to become a brother at the end of my first semester of my sophomore year.

          Joining this organization has been the best thing I have done. It has changed me for the better personality wise. I see myself more outgoing, sociable, and confident. I have a great group of brothers that are there for me and support me, as am I for them. Also, this organization has helped academically. I get help from my brothers so that I can succeed in my college career, and I am in organization that will help me in the business world. Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. is a great part in my life and I am glad to be a part of it.

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