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Jean Paul Bermeo Rafael De La Rosa Daniel Miranda

Brother Information:
Name: Jean Paul Bermeo
Pledge Semester: SP07
Line: Theta
Line Number: 1
Big Brother: Diego Giraldo
Date of Birth: 07/12/88
Nationality: Colombian
Hometown: Queens, New York
Major / Minor: Psychology
Clubs and Organizations: Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc.
High School: Archbishop McCarthy, Flanagan, Chaminade Madonna, Pembroke Pines Charter High
Interests: Boxing, Reading, Creative Writing, Dancing, Public Organizational Speaking, Leadership Roles 
Favorite Quote: “Make sure that the thing your living for, is worth dying for”

      I was born in Queens, New York.  Being an only child, I was raised by both my parents.  My father, Edgar Bermeo had moved from Colombia to New York in pursuit of an art career.  My mother, Viviana Bermeo, moved from Colombia as well to start a new life in America.  Being an only child, I became closely attached to my parents at a young age.

      About the age of nine, my parents decided to move down to Florida with me to start anew.  Growing up in Florida, I quickly became adjusted to the Miami atmosphere.

      Graduating from Pembroke Pines Charter High school, I decided to go to Nova Southeastern University in pursuit of a career in Psychology.  Being in college, I’ve learned a great deal about being responsible, as well as learning time management. 

      On a Monday afternoon I was passing by the freshman dorms or my campus, and one of the brothers of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated, Andrew Ibraham, approached me and started talking to me about considering becoming a brother of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated.  Honestly, at first, the idea of joining a fraternity was overwhelming, considering it was my first year in college, and I didn’t have the slightest clue what a fraternity was.  After a couple of months of debate, I finally decided to attempt becoming a brother.

      The experience of becoming a brother was nothing like what I expected.  Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated completely shattered my stereotypes about fraternities.  I soon realized how much I needed to grow, and Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated taught me how to be a man.

      Although the road is hard, and roads sometime seem all uphill… the road to becoming a brother of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated has instilled in me a great sense of pride, passion, and ambition.  Not only do I realize the importance of my college career much more now than before, I strive hard to be the best Lambda man I could possibly be, because the principles I have learned with Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated mean everything to me.  The love and brotherhood I have gained from being a brother of this great fraternity is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  TO BE A LAMBDA, IT TAKES HEART, and Only real men can wear brown and white at the end of the road…

Brother Information:
Name: Rafael De La Rosa
Pledge Semester: SP07
Line: Theta
Line Number: 2
Big Brother: Steve O Hernandez
Date of Birth: 11/07/87
Nationality: Dominican 
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Major / Minor: Computer Science / Business
Clubs and Organizations: Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc.
High School: Reading High School 
Interests: Baseball, Basketball, Karate, Drawing, Dancing, Working out, Traveling,  
Reading, and Music 
Favorite Quote: “If your on time, your ten minutes late”


          I was born in Miami, Florida on November 7th 1987 in Jackson Memorial Hospital. My parents are Rafael and Milagros De La Rosa both born in the Dominican Republic. I am a student at Nova Southeastern University studying Computer Science with a minor in Business.  I remained living in Miami until I was in the 8th grade when I moved to Reading, Pennsylvania. This was a very different place than I was used to but the transition was made easier because I had my family with me. School has always been a big part of my life. There are many reasons why I joined Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated. Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated has had a profound effect on my life since I joined in the spring of 2007.

           Only one of two of my siblings was did not move with me and my parents to Pennsylvania which was my older brother, Mantovy De La Rosa. The reason that my sister, Nexcy De La Rosa, was not living with us was because she was a graduate student in the Law department at Nova Southeastern University. My brother is currently attending college in Tallahassee.  My brother and sister have encouraged me to continue in my education and make something of myself. My father opened up a Bodega (a convenience store) in the middle of the city which I worked at throughout high school. My mother also worked at the store and had another job in addition. There is no way that I would be were I am today without my parents. They both have been there for me through everything and I love them and will never take them for granted.  This experience helped me by giving me some responsibility and work experience.

           Making the decision to move away from my parents and go to college in south Florida was not an easy one. Leaving my parents was hard but I feel like it was the right decision for my future because there are not that many career opportunities in Pennsylvania.  This made the transition back to life in Miami very smooth.  Living in Pennsylvania was ok but I never considered it home because I always felt that there was something missing.  I missed the variety and activity of a big city like Miami.  Every summer I would go back Miami to take a break from working and have fun with my family and friends there. Even though I was so far from where I grew up, I still kept in contact with all of my friends from Miami. This is why I made the decision to move back to Miami after High School to attend Nova Southeastern University. The reason that I enrolled in Nova Southeastern University was because my sister was attending that school and she said that it was a really good school.

           I chose to study Computer Science for many reasons. One of those reasons is that ever since I was a little boy I wanted to know how to do thing on the computer.  My father used to always buy me programs and hardware for my computer because that was one of the only things that interested me at the time.  Learning things about computers made me feel like I could accomplish anything.  I noticed all of the things around me that were controlled and made possible because of computers and their capabilities.  I hope to one day be able to work in one of the Computer Science professions.  

           Baseball is something that I have always played throughout my childhood to the present. I played second base every year of my life until my senior year in High School. My senior year in high school was nothing like I expected because a few weeks into the baseball season I was going for a fly ball and then I hurt my knee. This injury did not allow me to play for the rest of the baseball season. This was the only time in my life that I could not play because of an injury. My knee is still the only thing that is keeping me from continuing with playing baseball.  

           I joined Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated for many reasons. One of the reasons the joined the fraternity was because there are not that many men in my family and I felt that I needed to make a new connection with people.  Another reason for me joining this organization was because at the time I lived on campus and did not have any relationships on campus.  This made me look for something to do and then someone told me about the fraternity.  After going to one Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated informational I knew that it was for me. As time went on, the feeling of love and togetherness that the brother have for each other became more apparent to me.

           In the time that I have been a part of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated it has had a substantial effect on my life.  My grades and over all college experience has drastically improved since joining.  I have learned that there is more to a fraternity that what I saw on Television which was mostly not positive. Before joining, I thought that fraternities were just about drinking and going to party, which Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated is not.  Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporate thought me that a fraternity is a wonderful thing because you make a bond with people that you would have never even came in contact with if not for the fraternity.  A fraternity is a brotherhood that is forever and a brotherhood is something that I know I will never regret having. 

Brother Information:
Name: Daniel Miranda
Pledge Semester: SP07
Line: Theta
Line Number: 3
Big Brother: Andres Ortiz
Date of Birth: 08/04/1987
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Hometown: Hollywood, Florida
Major / Minor: Pharmacy (Dual Admissions)
Clubs and Organizations: Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc.
High School: Hollywood Hills High School
Interests: Dancing, teaching, performing, reading, writing, collecting music, working out, playing basketball, racquetball, and football, jogging 
Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

      On August 4, 1987 I was born in Bronx New York where I lived for 2 years. My parents, who were concerned with my upbringing and wanted me to grow up in a safe environment where I could have a proper education, moved to Hollywood Florida to start my new life with me. I attended Orange Brook Elementary until the 3rd grade when my parents decided to move to another house which is where I currently live now. The schools that I attended were Driftwood Elementary, Driftwood Middle, and Hollywood Hills High School. Overall, High School was a great experience for me because it is what helped shaped me to become who I am today. There I learned the value of getting an education, the importance of being a leader, developing skills that will allow me to succeed, and I found out what I wanted to study throughout college, biology. At the end of high school I graduated within the top 5% of my class and was accepted to the dual admissions program for pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University.

      Also being a full time student, I also hold a part time job which I also consider my passion. I am currently a salsa dance instructor for Latin Beat Dance Studios. Teaching and dancing salsa has been a passion of mine for the past couple years. I enjoy teaching because it allows me teach other people what I love to do. Teaching dance lessons has allowed me to develop leadership skills that I need to succeed in life.

      Having just graduated from Hollywood Hills High School, I arrived at Nova Southeastern University not knowing what to expect. The college experience overall has been much different than in high school or anything else I was used to. Being a college student, I now am a more responsible person. College has also allowed me to become more independent and made me realize just how important getting a degree is.

      Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc. has helped me grow even more to become a better person. Lambda Theta Phi is not just an organization but a brotherhood which has helped me to develop bonds with people around me that I never had. Being an only child, I was always missing a brother in my life who would look after me and support me in what I do. Now, as a brother of this organization, I feel like anything is possible. I am now ready to take on life’s obstacles and succeed in whatever I do.

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