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Lambda Theta Phi prides itself with servicing the community: the NSU student and faculty, Davie, Florida and all of the United States. A few notable social projects initiated by Beta Gamma Chapter are:

Social Projects

Jail Time for Kids
In collaboration with Delta Phi Epsilon. An annual philanthropic event established in 2004 benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Davie. Each year the two organizations work tirelessly to raise money for the children,, requiring those 'arrested' to either donate money to the cause or to assist in the further collection of funds.

9/11 Donation Drive
An annual donation drive established in 2004 benefiting the survivors and the families of the victims of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. This event benefits the Most Needy 9/11 Fund, which assists those families whose primary wage earner was lost in the tragedy, particularly Police, Firemen and other civil servants.

Lambda Theta Phi - Candle Light Vigil 9/11 Candle Light Vigil

An annual event established in 2004 to commemorate the anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, 2001 on the World Trade Centers. This event raises awareness of what occurred and gives an update as to the progress of rebuilding that error of New York City. Poems and quotations are read, and those participating are allowed time to speak of their experiences and feelings regarding the event.

La Liga Contra El Cancer
"The League Against Cancer" is an organization dedicated to the raising of funds for cancer research and assisting those afflicted by the disease seek the treatment they require.. Because cancer rates in minorities is so high, the Brothers of Lambda Theta Phi have assisted the League in raising money on several occasions. One particular donation drive at NSU raised over $1000 to aid in the search for a cure.

Needy Child Outreach Program

Every year the chapter reaches out into the community and finds a child who is in need, whether it be that he requires food, medicine or care. In the first year of this out reach program, the Beta Gamma Chapter donated a refrigerator to a child who required his medication to be refrigerated while at school.

Hispanic Heritage Month
Being one of the most important months in Fall, Hispanic Heritage Month gives Lambda Theta Phi an opportunity to open the eyes of the NSU community with regards to Hispanics and minorities. This is done by offering a variety of workshops, showcases and lectures offering an unbiased and educational experience for all those who attend.

Unity Week at NSU
Every year the university administration coordinates a week of events to unite the student body, hosting lectures and various events to raise awareness for the various cultures represented on campus.  Lambda Theta Phi has been involved in coordinating the events with the Office of Student Activities since the inception of Unity Week and continues to ensure the success of the events.  Whether it’s hosting information tables in front of the Parker Building or throwing the Unity Jam, a social gathering at which food a beverages from various countries are offered while music plays, Lambda Theta Phi strives to ensure NSU continues to be a united campus.

Breast Cancer Donation Drive / Awareness Week

In association with the entire Inter-Organizational Council (IOC), Lambda Theta Phi educated the campus of Nova Southeastern University about the dangers of Breast Cancer and the importance of annual screenings. Similarly, a donation drive was head to benefit the research for a cure of breast cancer.

Beta Gamma Adoption Program
Each year the chapter pledges to sponsor a less fortunate child in a country that is stricken by poverty.  We have vowed to provide the necessities to allow for healthy growth and development. 
Our sponsorship through Children International assist with the child’s clothing, medical care, educational support, youth programs, dental care, nutritional aid and family assistance.Our commitment to bettering our community and those who cannot help themselves, such as children, is everlasting.

Earthquake Relief Fund for Peruvian Victims

A record breaking 8.0 earthquake struck off the shores of Lima, Peru in 2007. The chapter raised over $300 for the cause, and the fraternity as a whole donated $4000 to the cause of assisting the victims. This effort was in collaboration with the American Red Cross.

Hurricane Katrina Donation Drive
In August of 2005 a Category 5 hurricane devastated the states of Mississippi and Louisiana after making landfall in Gulfport, Mississippi. Hundreds of people were left homeless and without the necessities for survival. Hundreds more lost their lives. Lambda Theta Phi raised over $5000 national wide for the victims of the storm, Beta Gamma raised $300 of those funds in a single week. All proceeds were donated to the American Red Cross to directly assist those affected by the storm.

Brown and White Jump Off - Step, Stroll and Salute Competition

Link to Miami Herald article

Nova Southeastern University is a diverse campus and community where students from around world come together. Before 2007 (the First Annual Brown and White Jump-Off) Nova's student body was never introduced to the diversity that exists between the organizations. But that all changed with the Brown and White Jump-Off.

With over 300 and 1200 attendees, the Brown and White Jump-Off has repetedly recieved awards from the University (Best Event) and the community.

Lambda Theta Phi - Step Competition

Lambda Theta Phi - Adopt a Street

Adopt a Street - Nova Drive

Community is the most important thing to a Lambda, therefore keeping it clean is a priority. Not only does this program save tax-payer dollars and frees up precious city resources, but it allows the citizens of Davie and the Nova community to regain pride for their city.

Lambda Theta Phi cleans and manages a both sides of the 1.1 mile stretch of Nova Drive (between University Drive and Davie Road). Without question or hesitation, we serve.

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